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August 4, 2022 – 5 min read

Is your business in need of a bigger digital transformation? Has the pandemic changed the way your business operates? Are you looking for ways to efficiently cut down on expenses?

The solution is investing in a digital mailroom that provides safety for employees, cuts down on processing costs, and minimizes labour.

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FalconV+® RED™ at Sanitas

What is a Digital Mailroom?

A digital mailroom is an automated mailroom process that uses scanners and document imaging software to capture and deliver information from inbound mail in an efficient and secure manner. Any valuable incoming mail is scanned and delivered electronically to its destination, which could be an internal department or separate process.

Digital mailrooms typically replace the traditional mailroom format and provide support and flexibility to employees working remotely or frequently traveling.

OPEX Digital Mailroom Solution

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In the past few decades, our world has transformed from a physical one to a digital one. Mail is no exception in this transformation into a digital environment. The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the need for digital platforms to keep businesses and employees connected. From social distancing guidelines to employees in search of a remote or hybrid working model, businesses now, more than ever, need to adapt to a digital workplace that values its employees needs for flexibility.

These seemingly short-term changes in the workplace are here long-term and change how fast the future of a digital workplace will need to take place. There’s no longer a finish-line for when remote working will end and it has become a new standard for employees everywhere.

Mail and document processing are a vital part of any company, but the way you handle documents is a big opportunity for growth in your business’s transformation into an agile work environment. A digital mailroom enables employees to work remotely from anywhere or adopt a flexible hybrid schedule while being able to collaborate with those in the office. The digital mailroom also allows for data-processing without many interruptions, despite the constant changes in our environment since interactions and data can be easily tracked and monitored.­

Digital Mailroom Success Ebook Sheet

Taking the Right Steps to Digital Mailroom Success

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Switching to a digital mailroom  benefits any business across all industries. It’s a necessity for any business wanting to improve its efficiency, save on extra costs, or even prepare for future impacts on a business such as natural disasters, economy fluctuations, and events similar to the recent pandemic.

Implementing a digital mailroom strategy reduces the need for storage space, such as filing cabinets, and photocopying files while also providing operational benefits such as:

  • Support for remote and hybrid working
  • Adherence to compliance regulations and auditability
  • Enhanced document search-ability and share-ability
  • Improved customer service
  • Support for remote and hybrid working
  • Adherence to compliance regulations and auditability
  • Enhanced document search-ability and share-ability
  • Improved customer service


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A digital mailroom is easy to integrate into your business. It minimises the need to rely on manual labor for sorting and handling mail while nearly eliminating the operating expenses that come with handling incoming mail, such as labour costs, space, and additional resources, allowing you to achieve a fast ROI. According to a survey from AIIM, the ROI of a digital mailroom is typically 18 months or less.

Reduced Delivery Time

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Digital mail can even reduce mail delivery time from a few days to only a few seconds, reducing time spent manually handling incoming mail and documents while increasing the quality of customer service. This makes documents widely available to employees and speeds up correspondence times.

Safe and Secure

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Converting physical mail to digital formats improves the security surrounding your vital information. Having the ability to provide audits with records of interactions with documents and to track mail increases transparency. Virtually eliminating manual mail prep and handling keeps sensitive information safe by removing the need for multiple people to process, sort, and open mail.

Succeeding in the digital environment

The pandemic has affected all businesses, no matter how big or small, and driven new standards for how businesses operate. Businesses and employees have not only adapted to remote and hybrid working, but now prefer it for the flexibility it provides. The digital age is expanding at full force and we must do our best to not only adapt but to use these opportunities to improve ourselves.

Improving the way documents are transformed from physical documents into digital ones can provide substantial benefits to your company, aside from the changes driven by the pandemic and employee expectations. Changing the way mail and company documents are handled, especially by digital means, will benefit every business by reducing costs and improving organisation and efficiency.

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