How would you like to expand the capabilities of your current mail room operations without increasing your current staff or space? Automating the sorting of inbound mail allows businesses to easily handle fluctuations in mail volume to save on operating costs without increasing manual labour. Fitting in even the most compact spaces, the OPEX® Mail Matrix® automated mail and parcel sorting machine sorter has the ability to sort mixed-mail at rates of up to 3,600 pieces per hour using iBOT® robotic wireless vehicles, removing the need to presort.

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Automate the sorting of your inbound mail

The Mail Matrix automated mail sorter offers a powerful solution for sorting high volumes of inbound mail at speeds of up to 3,600 pieces per hour in a small footprint. Easily handle fluctuations without impacting labour needs. Ideal for any type of mail centre, the Mail Matrix mail sorter benefits corporations, universities, hospitals, service bureaus, elections agencies, and lockboxes. Using iBOT robotic wireless vehicles, the Mail Matrix mail sorter distributes a wide variety of mail into a convenient array of delivery bins in a single pass, removing the need to manually pre-sort and process incoming mail.

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Load Mail P

Load mixed-mail directly into the Mail Matrix mail sorter's automatic feeder or small parcels onto the drop feeder.


Identify and compare addresses to your existing directory with multi-line optical character recognition (MLOCR), including name, department, PO box, building, division, and mail code.

Scalable P

Scale the Mail Matrix mail sorter according to the needs of your growing business and add delivery bin modules, iBOT robots, and keying stations.

OPEX Tracker P

Account for each mail piece in your organisation using arrival point image and data capture with OPEX Tracker™ software.

Auto Charging P

No need to worry about batteries or charging. iBOT robots automatically recharge their capacitors as they cycle throughout the system.

WHY THE MAIL MATRIX® Automated Mail Sorter?

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Flexible & Versatile​

It’s important to stay flexible as the challenges of handling physical mail are constantly changing. Easily sort mixed-mail, letters, flats, and small parcels with the Mail Matrix mail sorter, using iBOT robotic wireless vehicles to quickly deliver mail to sort locations according to name, department, building, floor, PO box, division, and mail code. Store mail with increased capacity using multiple bin sizes and process significantly more mail than traditional operations without the need to finely sort mail upon receipt. Expand the Mail Matrix mail sorter according to your growing business using expansion modules and add more delivery bins, iBOTs, and keying stations.


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Advantages of the Mail Matrix®

Reduce Labour Needs

Easily handle fluctuations in mail volumes during peak seasons, without impacting existing staff or increasing headcount. The Mail Matrix mail sorter only requires two or three operators per system to sort and process mail while boosting throughput and productivity.

Virtually eliminate the need to presort mail

Operate with only 2-3 people per system

Scale to handle high-volumes during peak seasons

Seamless Integration

Streamline mail processing using iBOT robot technology, sorting mixed-mail and parcels in a single pass. Integrate the Mail Matrix mail sorter seamlessly with your existing mailroom operations, connecting to your existing software and company directory to automatically compare addresses from incoming mail.

Integrate the Mail Matrix with your existing workflow

Streamline processing with single pass sorting

Connect your current software and company directory

Compact Footprint

Compact to fit in even the most limited spaces, the Mail Matrix mail sorting system is perfect for corporate offices, universities, and virtually any mailroom, streamlining mail processing and distribution. Remove the need for separate workstations and reduce your space needs.

Compact and fits in limited spaces

Measures a minimum of 12′ x 5′ x 7’4″ (L x W x H)

Sort and process mail in a centralised location

Scalable Design

Grow the Mail Matrix mail sorter along with your operations. Expandable modules and additional components accommodate fluctuations in mail volume. Increase or decrease storage capacity with mixed delivery bin sizes that are removable from both sides of the system.

Easily expand by adding additional modules

Add iBOT robots and keying stations based on your needs

Configurable and removable delivery bins

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