Holding onto physical records and archives results in slow processes, outdated systems, frustrated customers, higher operating costs, space restrictions, and labour challenges. These bottlenecks limit business growth. Paper archives aren’t only expensive to store and difficult to find, but they need to be handled with care. Yellowing paper, fading ink, moisture damage, mildew, and rodents all pose challenges to storing and preserving archives. Historical and aging records are fragile, making them susceptible to damage and lost information if handled incorrectly.

Digital files are the new standard for how information is stored and shared today. Relying on paper archives alone puts your organisation at risk of falling behind the status quo and vulnerable to disasters. It is critical to effectively manage records and legacy data as soon as possible.

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Digitising archives improves the searchability and shareability of your documents, enabling downstream processes like customer service to improve response time. Records physically stored in filing cabinets, closets, and offices are typically spread out across internal departments and separate locations, making them difficult and slow to find while taking up valuable space. According to Coopers & Lybrand, nearly 75% of time spent working with paper-based information is wasted in searching and filing. Converting paper to digital records creates a digital filing system, removing the need for storage space, making documents available from anywhere at any time, protecting them from irreparable damage.

Record scanning assists in keeping records management under control, resulting in more efficient business processes and procedures that need to be followed. Imaging historical records, archives, and business documents also helps manage the rising costs of paper management. A four-drawer filing cabinet alone costs $25,000 per year to fill with an additional $2,160 per year to maintain. Moving to a paperless or an eco-friendly system reduces storage and real-estate costs.

Scan Historical Documents and Records

Scan fragile, thin, and damaged documents into high-quality images using OPEX® Falcon® One-Touch document scanners. One-Touch processing minimises prep, allowing scanning operators to handle documents once. Documents of nearly any condition and size directly are fed into the scanner without prior taping or photocopying. Images of faded archives or documents in poor condition are captured to create images with the original content visible again. An external camera integrated with the Falcon scanner digitises books and other 3D objects. By minimising document prep and quality control, Falcon scanners can digitise records, accelerate your throughput, save time, and reduce your reliance on labour.

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Create High-Quality Images and MetaData

Falcon scanners powered by OPEX Certain Scan® software enable you to edit images in real-time or post-scan, output to file formats of your choice, create unique file names, and choose where files are stored in your directory to streamline digital archiving processes. Pairing digital records with metadata adds value to records while minimises the risk of valuable documents being lost.

Capture Images of Microfilm, Microfiche, and 3D-Objects

The Falcon scanner’s optional external camera integration allows you to capture images of microfilm, microfiche, books, and 3D objects, minimising the need for separate scanners and workstations. Digitising your archives using Falcon scanners allows you to preserve records in degrading file formats while reducing the need for uncommon and expensive specialised systems, reducing the risk of losing information recorded on deteriorating film or crumbing pages.

Reduce Your Reliance on Manual Labour

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Finding, hiring, training, and retaining labour have become increasingly challenging for document handing operations. Between labour shortages, tight budgets, and rising resource costs, you need to create high-quality digital archives in a timely manner while keeping expenses under control. By digitising your client or organisation’s archives using Falcon scanners, you’ll be able to get the job done without relying on manual labour. Falcon document scanners minimise labour-intensive document prep to significantly reduce labour needs, enabling you to refocus existing staff on more value-adding tasks.

Keep Irreplaceable Archives and Records Secure

Improve your records management, search-ability, and share-ability by knowing where each of your records are at all times by digitising your archives. Creating digital copies of archives helps you prepare for unexpected disasters and degraded records that could cause the loss of valuable information. OPEX One-Touch scanning keeps records, archives, and historical documents secure with digital transformation that makes sense, helping to guard against costly data breaches. Falcon scanners powered by CertainScan software have the ability to provide audit trails with recorded operator interactions with documents to help maintain transparency, allowing you to take full control over your data management system.

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