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The 5 Essentials of Imaging Workflow in an Era of Pandemic

For many, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed workflow flaws. No one anticipated that entire cities would be locked down and that companies would be unable to continue supporting their customers. Some organizations were better positioned to deal with these unprecedented challenges than others. What did those companies do that others didn’t?

To help answer that question, please join Frank D’Amadeo, Director of Treasury Operations, Con Edison; Mark Messier, Product Specialist, OPEX Corporation; and Michael Tallitsch, Executive Vice President – Sales and Strategic Planning, Mavro Imaging on June 25th, 2020 at 11 am ET for a live webinar entitled, “The 5 Essentials of Imaging Workflow in an Era of Pandemic”.

This timely webinar will focus on how Con Edison avoided many lockdown-related problems by implementing new processes into it’s workflow. Specifically, you will explore how to:

  • Minimize touches of paper and document circulation
  • Decentralize access to mailroom scanning
  • Incorporate home/remote data entry for transactions
  • Utilize dashboard management of processes
  • Automate manual processes

Ironically, you may be facing some of these very same issues as employees begin returning to your workplace. Learn how you can duplicate Con Edison’s success by implementing processes that allow your organization to get back to work safely and efficiently.

This webinar was made in partnership with Mavro Imaging. To learn more about Mavro, visit

Orginal Broadcast Date: 06/25/2020

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