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How to Achieve True End-to-End Transformation of the Insurance Claims Process

Understand the benefits a digital mailroom can bring to your organization

When you’re processing insurance claims, the sheer volume and variety of correspondence submitted by policyholders can be overwhelming. With claims related content being received digitally across multiple channels and inboxes and via the post – often across physical locations – it’s hardly surprising that even leading insurers are struggling to get their claims processes under control.

The ongoing global pandemic only exacerbates the issue. Processes for sorting, opening, scanning and forwarding information received in physical mail received are often highly manual and require large teams to be present in the office, while the teams that process them may be working from home.

Listen to our webinar hosted by OPEX® and Alfresco, as we explore the benefits to insurers of turning your mailroom digital:

  • Lower operational costs;
  • Faster claims processing;
  • Stronger regulatory compliance; and,
  • Happy policyholders.

Original Broadcast Date: 12/03/2020

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