Digital Mail Keeps You Connected

Energy Efficiency

The OPEX Falcon® STS Solves For:

Business Continuity

Designed to seamlessly move work between users or mail center locations, digital mail ensures that you can always bring together the labour and content to keep your operations running.

Increased Throughput

The OPEX Falcon® STS Solves For:

Worker Safety

Virtual mail helps to keep your workers safe by letting them social distance and work from anywhere.

Greater Flexibility

The OPEX Falcon® STS Solves For:

Customer Service

Your customers want to make sure nothing gets lost and that all groups of operations have access to the same set of data in your virtual mailbox.


The OPEX Falcon® STS Solves For:

Delayed Processing Time

By removing the constraints of physical mail, digital mail provides imaged sorted and tracked operational mail online with flexibility and risk mitigation.

See How We Digitise Mail.

The OPEX Falcon® STS Scanner Provides Digitised Mail With:

Higher quality data capture with seven strategically positioned Multi-Feed Detectors that virtually eliminate double feeds and dog-eared documents.

Increased operational efficiency ​by reducing the need to prepare documents prior to scanning and enables documents to be fed as single documents or in stacks.

Enhanced audit & compliance controls​ with three or five programmable sort-bin configurations for versatile and unique sorting abilities.

Significant cost savings as documents are safely transformed to guard against data breaches and costly fines.

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