Medical Record Scanning Solutions

While most primary care practices have completely transitioned to electronic medical records (EMR) in Australia, government funded hospitals are overwhelmed by the formidable task of digitising warehouses full of patient records and are in various stages of implementing digitisation, from being partly digital or not digital at all. However, the sheer costs, risks, and inefficiencies of using a paper-based system are not sustainable, with clear government guidance now driving the transition towards the use of digital medical records.

Currently, around nine out of ten Australians are enrolled in My Health Record as part of the implementation of Australia’s EMR system and the Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA), Australia’s national digital health strategy, predicts to have essential elements of health information digitised by 2022. Even though this goal is in place, many digital health records are incomplete due to the challenge of implementing an efficient EMR system.

However, that transition is not without its own challenges. The amount of space, time, and staff required to store, maintain, and reference these physical records is significant. Each medical record can contain a variety of different document types, making the digital transformation of files complex and time consuming. Some files may be very old, fragile, or damaged, which can be difficult to scan. Crucial health and patient information must be captured in a way that is both secure and accurate. However, as we move into the digital era, making the digital transition of physical health information is paramount.

OPEX® equipment provides solutions with the power to digitise patient records directly from the file folder, regardless of document type, size, or condition. The OPEX Falcon® Series of Scanners are the premier product for scanning medical records, patient files, and X-rays because of the significant labour savings, increased security and document integrity, combined with a powerful ‘chain of custody’ associated with all records.

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