Mail Sorting Solution

Sorting large volumes of inbound mail is a labour-intensive, costly process. Mail comes in various shapes and sizes, and there has been a significant shift in volume from letters to parcels. Your mail sorting operations should not be restricted by the size or volume of your incoming mail. By automating the sorting process, your organization can experience immediate benefits.

OPEX® sorting technology is engineered to enhance your productivity in today’s most challenging mailroom environments. From high-volume sequential sorts, to fine sorting in a single pass, our solutions get the job done with greater speed and efficiency.

The OPEX® Mail Matrix® mail sorter is truly revolutionary in form and function. Using iBOT® technology, wireless robotic vehicles, Mail Matrix® equipment distributes a wide variety of mail into a convenient array of delivery bins in a single pass. It’s an efficient process that seamlessly integrates with your existing workflow and streamlines processing for single-pass sorting.

Mail Matrix® technology can transform your sorting operations with significant advantages, such as:

  • Removable delivery bins located on both sides of the machine to maintain a small footprint
  • Extensive functionality to distribute letters, flats, small parcels, and more
  • Wide range of sorting configurations, such as name, department, building, and floor

The Mail Matrix® sorter offers a powerful solution that meets the needs of digital mailroom centers in a variety of processing environments, including corporations, universities, hospitals, service bureaus, election agencies, lockboxes, and many more.

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