High-Volume Document Scanning

How often are you scanning a perfectly prepped pile of documents? Piles that don’t require staple removal, taping, and resizing? Documents come in all shapes, sizes, and conditions that can create difficulty during your scanning process. If you are in the business of scanning a high volume of documents, it is safe to say that you are spending more time prepping your documents than actually scanning. Does it matter how fast the scanner is if you are spending 20x longer to prep?

The solution is one-touch document imaging. Eliminate the hassles of extra preparations and cautious scanning without sacrificing the quality and accuracy of your digital images. Whether scanning large volumes of mail daily, stacks of documents, boxes of files, or 3-D objects, OPEX® industry-leading scanners are designed to improve throughput while significantly reducing or eliminating labour-intensive document prep.

OPEX® one-touch scanning technology can be integrated with your software and customised to your job requirements, giving you greater flexibility and control.

Falcon® Scanner Demo
Clean up documents for improved OCR
Scan torn documents without repair
Scan crinkled documents with little prep
Scan important sticky notes with related documents
Capture data from the first page of a stapled document
Feed large stacks of documents continuously
Capture nixie data directly from sealed envelopes
OCR from constrained hand printed forms
Reduce rescans by capturing data from faint receipts
Adjust capture parameters during scanning of photos
Scan mixed-size and style documents
Scan large documents
Scan file folders and its contents
Scan barcode data from flats
Capture tab data from dividers
Capture 3-D objects with external camera
Capture check and MICR data with corresponding documents
OPEX® Scanners Help EXL Conquer the Prep Process Critical Efficiency Improvements in Document Management
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