Digital Mailroom Solutions

Physical mail may not be as prevalent, but it will continue to be with us for many years to come. A digital mailroom converts physical mail into digital form and ensures that the right recipients receive the right content quickly, efficiently, and in a secure manner.

In more recent history, digital mail was considered merely a component of an organization’s entire digital transformation strategy. And, for many organizations, the digital mailroom was a nice goal to pursue… someday.

The drive to digital transformation was mostly about big data, information governance, the Internet of Things, and AI in data management and workflow.  But at its core, it was really an economic decision – a decision based on the prioritization of budgets. When instituted as part of a digital transformation strategy, digital mail was reserved solely for those who received the most mail and not implemented company-wide.

…but now all of the sudden, digital mail has risen to the forefront of all of our minds as it has become a requirement of our business – mainly to address risk management and mitigation concerns.  Digital mail has now become an enterprise-wide decision: every department that processes transactional mail needs a solution.

OPEX® equipment provides solutions with the power to digitise mail contents right in the mailroom, making it possible to deliver information to recipients quickly, share information with others, and leave junk mail in the mailroom.

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